Egg facts… at a glance

Whether it’s in the form of a scrambled egg, poached egg or a hard boiled egg, this natural food product contains many beneficial nutrients for a person’s health.

Get to know here some benefits of 1 large egg (63gr):

> Convenient and affordable

Fresh eggs are very easy to find from any supermarket or grocery store and can be bought at a very affordable price in different quantities and sizes.

> Easy and quick to cook

Eggs combine ‘quick’ and ‘delicious’ together. It only takes few minutes to cook an egg - scrambled, boiled, fried or poached; and the delicious and nutritious recipes using eggs are endless.

Delicious taste

The taste of an egg adds flavour to practically every meal!

> Brain Development

Almost all nutrients your body needs can be found in eggs. Eggs contain a nutrient called Choline which is beneficial for brain health. Hence, it helps in improving one’s concentration and a healthier development of the brain.

> Weight control

With 14 essential nutrients, 5 grams of fat and just 70 calories, eggs are a good source for healthy eating and weight management.

> BETTER Eyesight

Eggs help keep a good and healthy eyesight

> Energy Boost

Proteins are an important energy factor and eggs contain lots of these.

> Multivitamin Rich

Despite being small, eggs are packed with a variety of important nutrients and vitamins. Eggs are natural multivitamins.

VITAMIN A             8%

CALCIUM                2%

VITAMIN D             8%

RIBOFLAVIN         15%

VITAMIN B12        30%

VITAMIN C         0%

IRON                  4%

VITAMIN E        10%

NIACIN                6%

FOLATE             10%