Small, Medium, Large & Jumbo Eggs

Our eggs are categorised in 4 different egg sizes with
variety of packing options on the local market

  • Jumbo, large, medium & small egg packs of x6 / x10 / x12 / x15 / x30
  • Cage-free Omega 3 egg supplied ONLY in packs of x6
  • Catering packs available

Liquid Pasteurised whole Eggs

Pure whole egg liquidised local pasteurised whole fresh eggs,
with no additives, no salt or added water.

  • Packaging in  5kg & 10kg
  • Storage: From 0 to 4°C max
  • Shelf life: 12 days


Explore our products every Tuesday and Thursday at the Ta’ Qali Farmers’ Market.
Visit the Tal-Malti Local Poultry Products stall for exceptional prices on these days.

Fresh products delivered within 24hrs of laying!

Savour the unparalleled freshness of our eggs, delivered within a mere 24 hours of being laid.
Superior quality and flavour that comes from our commitment to swift, farm-to-table perfection.

Highest EU Standards

Our farm is constantly investing in new technologies to provide clients with safe and quality eggs. We make use of eco-friendly measures and keep in line with the highest EU animal welfare standards

• Automated grading and packing machines

• Feeding & drinking supply systems

• Modern ventilation system

HACCP compliance standards

Ensuring the utmost in food safety, our products proudly adhere to HACCP compliance standards. This certification signifies our unwavering commitment to maintaining rigorous processes, safeguarding every aspect of production. Rest assured, we prioritize your well-being, delivering excellence and peace of mind with each and every product.

The Process

Our meticulous egg journey begins with precise collection, where skilled inspectors ensure quality. Gentle handling and seamless transfer follow, culminating in meticulous packing. This meticulous process guarantees that each egg, from collection to your hands, meets the highest standards, ensuring freshness, quality, and satisfaction.

more on our process

Why eat eggs everyday?

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