Small, Medium, Large & Jumbo Eggs

The fresh eggs laid by our hens can be found daily in a variety of leading
supermarkets and green grocers around Malta.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays our products can also be purchased from the Ta’ Qali Farmers’ Market at a very good price from the stall of Tal-Malti Local Poultry Products.

Our eggs are categorised in 4 different egg sizes:





Fresh eggs delivered within 24hrs of laying!

Eggs are basic ingredients in many delicious recipes created at home or in restaurants. This is why we also supply our nutritious eggs to various restaurants, hotels, caterers and confectioners for the creation of mouthwatering dishes.

Highest EU Standards

Our farm is constantly investing in new technologies to provide clients with safe and quality eggs. We make use of eco-friendly measures and keep in line with the highest EU animal welfare standards

• Automated grading and packing machines

• Feeding & drinking supply systems

• Modern ventilation system

Omega 3 eggs

Our Omega 3 rich eggs are cage-free barn reared.

Different packing options

We are the only local farm offering our clients the largest variety of packing options on the local market

• Jumbo, large, medium & small egg packs of x6 / x10 / x12 / x15 / x30

• Catering packs available

• Cage-free Omega 3 egg supplied ONLY in packs of x6

Why eat eggs everyday?

7 reasons