Our egg process, done locally from start to finish

At Ballut Farm Ltd we strive to keep our hens in top conditions to make sure our process is safe for them and for our clients who eventually purchase the final egg product. Our farm is split in other different farms according to the type of egg process and is inspected every 2 weeks by our Vet. Also the Maltese Veterinary Department and other private laboratories carry out regular checks randomly for salmonella and other diseases.

See the story behind our quality eggs


The hatching process is done in Marsa in partnership with the best quality hatches. From Day 1 we take care of the chickens that hatch out of the egg shell by providing them clean water and a nutritious feed for a healthy life. We make use of the latest feeding and drinking systems on the farm.


As our tiny chicks start growing healthily in our pullet farms around Malta their first feathers also start showing. In the pullet farms, chicks are at the point of lay. They start laying their first eggs at 16 weeks old. Their small eggs are known as pullet eggs.


At 18 weeks, full grown chickens are transferred to one of our laying farms in Malta. While also feeding on a nutritious feed and fresh water, the hens lay their eggs in an environment where they are cage free.


The eggs are collected, washed and sorted by following all Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for food safety – ready to be delivered within 24hrs of laying.

5. Supplying supermarkets and hotels

We supply eggs to leading supermarkets, groceries, restaurants and other individual customers in Malta.

6. Final EGGcellent product!

We are constantly working hard to always provide our clients the best and freshest eggs in Malta. Eggs can be used in many delicious and healthy egg dishes.